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Made in Limited Edition Batches specifically to boost funding for the Spruce Healing Mission to leave the Forest cleaner and healthier everywhere that we forage the Spruce Resin that goes into every container of Spru-Seal® Spruce Balms. Same as the Spruce does for USAll, so can we do for the Spruce.


Healthier alpine forests for healthier headwaters and healthier ecosystems all the way downstream to the oceans.


Featuring artwork by Leadville, CO, artist @MarleySeifertDesigns and hand printed in Frisco, CO, @SunImprints by our Forager in Chief, JD, who also pre-heated and Spru-Seal®ed each Kinco® leather mitten by hand using Honey-Hoba® Body Butter for fully Waterproof Warmth out on the hill or in the forest through the entire winter season of extensive, regular wear.


Re-seal with Honey-Hoba® Body Butter as needed!

Spru-Seal® Waterproofed Kinco Leather Mittens

SKU: KinMitLtd
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