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Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal

THURSDAY 3/21/2024! 

100% Organic Spruce Balms.

Four simple ingredients.

Proven scientific efficacy.

   Handmade in Colorado with sustainably foraged spruce resin -- Spru-Seal is The World's #1 True Healing Spruce Balm for all natural wound healing and dry skin repair!

     A modern spin on an ancient blend for rejuvenating dry, cracked skin. Spru-Seal® is the ONLY organic lip balm and organic body balm available on the broader market that contains REAL sustainably foraged spruce resin in every single container. A true, modern classic.

     Enjoy soothing relief & grounding aromas from head to toe with our vitamin E rich oils that work far better than any petroleum based or essential oil infused producas a spruce healing remedy for dry, cracked lips, elbows, heels, blisters, cold sores and was originally crafted for those relentlessly split knuckles & fingertips!

   Proven effective for quickening wound healing and even kills methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on contact!

Can't Join Us in Person?

Your financial donation to the Spruce Healing Initiative, a non-profit 501(c)-3, helps more nomadic fire mitigators spend more days protecting more acres of Forest by returning more fire hazardous, compostable "ladder fuels" to nourish the future Forest floor!


Thank you tree-mendously for your donation!

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