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100% Organic Spruce Balm

Four simple ingredients.

  Handmade in Colorado with sustainably foraged spruce sap. A modern spin on an ancient blend for rejuvenating dry, cracked skin.

   Enjoy soothing relief & grounding aromas from head to toe. Our vitamin E rich oils work better than anything petroleum based on lips, elbows, heels, blisters, cold sores and even relentlessly split knuckles & fingertips!

   Help us complete the Circle of Spruce Healing and strengthen modern People's connection to our ancestral home in the arid, mountain forest. Everyone who's using Spru-Seal® is, in fact, helping the spruce heal...and no doubt feeling the way the spruce heal -- only hopefully way faster. Many report an immediate tingling sensation. That's the magic of the spruce healing going straight to work!  

   Since our forests haven't really been foraged or taken care of as a productive home garden for over a hundred years now, our foragers spend surplus days turning the compostable, unsightly, dead lower branches, known to wildfire fighters as "ladder fuels" into future forest floor before they can contribute to a catastrophic, canopy-sweeping blaze.

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