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Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred
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Spru-Seal Sustainably Foraged Spruce Sap.jpg
Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred


Laura O.

“Spru-Seal® feels and smells so natural -- every time I put it on, it takes me back to the Colorado mountains.” 

George R.

"Spru-Seal® really does work better than any lotion or other hand salves I’ve tried!”

Judy L.

“Mmm, it goes on smooth & silky, and smells sooooo good!"

Susan S.

“Works great at softening up my heel callouses -- keeps the dry skin from splitting!”

Flaviola R.

Spru-Seal® is a lip-saver in the high country!” 

Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred
Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred

Theresa S.

“After weeks of dealing with a festering lip sore and seeing a doctor and their prescription anti-fungal/anti-bacterial ointment not working, I thought ‘Hey, I forgot about my Spru-Seal®,’ and FINALLY it went away in less than a week thanks to the all natural spruce!”

Leah V.

“I’ve tried everything for my perpetually dry, flaky skin -- especially for my face! I’d like to know the SPF of Spru-Seal®, for outdoor use, but for soothing my dry skin, Spru-Seal® is a HUGE win!”

Brent H.

“As a wilderness ski rescuer and avid backcountry skier, my main skin issue is actually my feet, particularly my heels which get dried out and painfully cracked. Spru-Seal® relieves the dryness and has even shown to keep blisters from popping! Love it!”

David S.

“I bartend and ski most days. I started using it after the guy who makes it walked in to my restaurant one afternoon and told me it’ll help -- it does! Love the smell. Love the waxy seal. Love that I no longer suffer the split fingertip issue that’s so common up here [at high elevation].” 

Joshua S.

“After the birth of my first kid, all the extra stress gave me elbow eczema. Itchy! Spru-Seal® made it disappear in a few days’ application! Now I put it on at the first sign of any skin dryness.”

Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred
Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred

Gabriel G.

“As a cook and frequent hand-washer, I’m stoked that Spru-Seal® exists because nothing else works for painful, cracked fingertips. I felt the Spruce Heal!”

John D.

“After hiking a 14er in new hiking shoes and getting wicked blisters, Spru-Seal® actually kept the blisters from drying out & popping!"

Joel L.

“Spru-Seal® works great! As a former chain sawyer, the smell of the forest takes me back to those days of my youth.”

Dan M.

“My mustaches support Spru-Seal®...or should I say Spru-Seal® fully supports my mustache curls? Haha. My girlfriend loves it for herself, too.”

Henry H.

“The best and most natural lip balm I’ve ever used!! Never going back to another brand Spru-Seal® for life!”

Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred

Zack M.

“I love that Spru-Seal® doesn’t smell and feel like a chemical peel for my lips like all the petroleum byproducts out there. Spru-Seal® actually seals and lets my lips heal, simple and natural. It works! I love the stuff.”

Nick M.

“I always used abreva to combat cold sores, but it never really worked. Spru-Seal®, surprisingly or not, actually relieves my cold sore symptoms! Seems to work preventatively, too, if I apply it when I feel one coming on.”


“As a high country landscaper, I like to work with my bare hands as much as possible during the short season that we get to work outside with fewer than three layers! I like to touch the earth, and I’m very careful about what I put on (and into) my body & mind. Spru-Seal® keeps my dirt-dried fingertips and knuckles from cracking or splitting during the months spent gardening for days on end."

Hailey J.

“My friend bought a tube of Spru-Seal® for me to try after complaining about feeling the tingling onset of a cold sore. Never ended up getting one, and I really like the feel and smell!”

Dr. PJ, MD

“Thank you for the Spru-Seal® --  I really like it. I went downstairs to show my housemate, and she pulled one out of her pocket saying, ‘I know! It’s the best!’”

Spru-Seal to Spruce Heal Blurred

Olivia K.

“Gotta be the first lip balm tube I've ever used all the way to the bottom!”

Margot F.

“After trying it out and being that it’s made right here in Breckenridge, CO,

I wouldn’t sell any other brand!”

Brittany N.

“Everyone that comes through here especially loves that it’s locally made.”

Chris Z.

“Love the stuff.”

Dr. PJ, MD

“Spru-Seal® has that natural, woodland feel. Takes me back to the mountains every time I smear a little on.” 

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