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Spru-Seal® Honey-Hoba® Body Butter is our softer, more buttery all-organic spruce healing balm designed to soothe EXTREMELY "Desert-dry," cracked or damaged lips and skin that can't quite yet handle a waxier application of all-natural spruce healing.


Excellent for minor scrapes, cuts & abrasions, dry cuticles, lips, split knuckles & fingertips, calloused elbows, palms & feet.


Both Spru-Seal® recipes contain organic nut oil rich in vitamins B & E, but the truly magic ingredient is real, sustainably, wild-foraged spruce resin, collected from the high country Forests of Colorado.


Spru-Seal® is made with only four, USA-sourced, 100% organic ingredients, proven for millennia to nourish the human body's largest organ: our skin!


Spru-Seal® treats symptoms caused by exposure to freezing wind, burning sun, frequent wet-dry/hot-cold & other extreme working & playing conditions:


- Moisturizes & seals cracked, dry skin, especially lips, cuticles, knuckles & fingertips

- Restores rough, calloused skin of knuckles, elbows, palms and feet

- Dissipates blisters without their popping

- Rejuvenates windburned cheeks

- Soothes topically as an ointment for minor skin trauma

- Evidenced to dissipate scarring

- Evidenced to promote wound healing

- Evidenced to prevent onset and hasten clearing of cold sores / fever blisters

- Evidenced to dissipate & prevent unsightly pimples

- Holds form and moisturizes as a beard balm


No chemicals, no petroleum byproduct toxins.

Wild-foraged & completely organic.


This spruce healing balm is 100% USA-sourced and naturally moisturizes extremely dry skin.



For those who favor a warm, floral spruce scent. This spruce healing salve is for extremely dried-out or cracked skin. Brushes smoothly into hair and beards! Dab wrists and nape for a sprucey cologne! Keep at room temp to prevent changes in consistency. Softens into buttery consistency at room temp. after extended storage below freezing temp.



Spru-Seal® Honey-Hoba® Body Butter

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