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Handmade in Colorado's high country with real, sustainably foraged spruce sap! 


Presented in a push-up, fully compostable cardboard 1 oz. container and topped with a spruce seed, spruce-sapped to the cap!


Enjoy 100% organic, soothing relief for all dry, cracked skin from lips to fingertips, toes to elbows. The rich, warm, spruce esscence will bring you moments of grounding peace and calming relief in body and spirit.


Contains 4 simple, organic, skin-nourishing ingredients:

1. Spruce sap
2. Honey
3. Beeswax
4(a). Sweet almond oil
4(b). Jojoba oil


Spru-Seal® " feel the Spruce Heal!"

Spru-Seal® 1oz. Body Balms

  • Prefer not to utilize Plantation Paper or Bankster Credit to purchase goods & services?

    This product SHIPS for

    one (1) .999 Silver Round, that's *Round* not American Eagle or Maple Leaf.


    Five(5) silver dimes!

    Mail to

    Forage It!

    POB 554

    Breckenridge, CO 80424

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