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Spru-Seal® -- Our First Review from Alaska!

I live in Alaska where the winters are long and the environment is unforgiving. I’ve been looking for a product that can keep up with the dry, cracked knuckles and chapped lips that are inevitable during the six months of winter. I stumbled on this gem, Spru-Seal which works wonders. It not only smells good but it truly helps heal the chapped lips and hands. We even tried it on our toddler’s dry skin with great success. Would highly recommend. Thanks Spru-Seal!

It's really exciting to know that Spru-Seal is finding its way beyond Colorado and helping people with dry skin in all different regions.

With that broad reaching support, it's easy to believe in our simple, organic blend, just like our ancestors might have made if they'd had the luxury of our modern agricultural equipment and beekeeping processing techniques and long distance transportation ease.

Support your local retailer, and if there's not an official Spruce Healer outdoor retailer near you, then take them a sample to try when you order online! (We always include an extra sample in every order).

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